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VOL 28 NO 5

CardioVascular Journal of Africa (official journal for PASCAR)

Cardiovascular Journal of Africa . Vol 28, No 5, September/October 2017

• Therapy for heart failure secondary to rheumatic mitral regurgitation

• Echocardiographic evaluation for rheumatic valvular heart disease in Rwanda

• Factors affecting interest in cardiothoracic surgery in Nigeria

• Old disease: cardiac hydatid disease and surgical principles

• ECG abnormalities in treatment-naïve HIV subjects in south-east Nigeria

• Red cell distribution width, coronary artery disease and diabetes mellitus

• New insights on obesity and body size perceptions in urban and rural Senegal

• Anaemia and iron deficiency in heart failure in sub-Saharan Africa


• Atrial myxoma: a rare cause of hemiplegia in children

• Liddle’s syndrome in an African male: a novel mutation